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User Agreement

These rules are an agreement between the user and the administration Web site, using which, you automatically agree to the terms of the holders of the Website. All material presented on the website is the intellectual property of the owners of this website and copy protected. Any copying of information is possible only with the permission of the website owner.

Personal data of users are protected. You must not conduct any systematic or automated actions to collect data (including data mining, data extraction and data acquisition) in respect of this website without written consent.

Participants are prohibited:

  • use not normative lexicon and expression, degrading, inciting ethnic strife
  • Insults and threats to the visitors and site administration
  • use the website for purposes that are meant any kind of fraudulent transactions and actions that violate a law
  • take actions to collect any information relating to this web site
  • infringe copyright holders used website
  • multi-accounts (more than one account)
  • use spam or flooding in any form
  • expressed no common language or slang, which may be incomprehensible to administration site

To gain access to the restricted areas of this website or other content CryptoBIT provides you with Login and password. You must ensure that your password remains confidential. A website can turn off your Login and password on the Company's discretion and without prior notice or explanation in the event of a breach of any provision of this Agreement.

Administration defines the rules of behavior on the web site and reserves the right to require their implementation from visitors.

If you violate these terms of use in any way, North Traders is entitled to take such measures as suspension of your access to this website, ban your access to the website, blocking computers and other devices that use your IP address to access this Web site, and North Traders also has the right to contact your ISP to request blocking your access to the site. The Company may periodically revise these terms of this User Agreement. Earnest request, check this User Agreement regularly to become familiar with the changes.